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United States of America

AMP Inc.

AMP Americas is an independent distribution platform for Advanced Mobile Payment Inc., a global POS solution provider that supplies world class payment solutions to customers including independent sales organizations, banks, processors, and retail merchants. AMP Americas operates exclusively in the Americas with a team dedicated solely to providing unparalleled support to our customers who want best in class real time feedback for all of their technology needs.

Advanced Mobile Payment Inc.

4400 MacArthur BLVD, Suite 720

Newport Beach, CA, 92660

Office: 949-284-4300
Support: 1-866-AMP-USA1


Dubai, UAE


The  sole distributor of AMP devices and services in the MENA region, ADTECH is a pioneering enterprise established to bring forth world-leading and versatile solutions focused on Transaction processing, Mobile Payment, e-Payment, Card Payment, Plastic Card Technology, Self-service and Unattended Points of Sale. Additionally ADTECH provides authentication devices such as CARDSEC Tokens, AMP Tokens, and Encrypting PINPADs (EPPs) for any type of self-service card system where secure PIN entry is required, as well as RFID Technologies and customizable ISO Cards. ADTECH moreover specializes in introducing cost-effective and convergent solutions such as Enterprise POS Management and AMP Authentication Suite Systems. ADTECH furthermore gives utmost significance to its customer by focusing on Quality of Service. For many of our customers, after-sales service is what makes ADTECH stands out from the rest. For us Service is as important as the quality of the product itself. Best customer service attracts new business and creates a loyal customer base. We deliver as promised, every time. More importantly, ADTECH listens and responds actively to its customer’s needs.

Advanced Technology Corporation CO. LLC.

314 The Metropolis Tower, Burk Khalifa Boulevard, Business Bay,

Dubai, UAE

(+971) 4 -427-2289