Announcing the launch of AMP terminals with TSYS.

Clean & Contactless

  • Button-free interface and easy to wipe down form factor
  • High res touchscreens, protective cases, and screen protectors

Simply Powerful

  • Deploy quickly across verticals with our complete family of EMV Smart terminals
  • Easily support & manage your ecosystem with our cloud-based terminal tools

Intuitive Design

  • Any device, any payment, one platform, and one flexible, intuitive user experience
  • Unified AMP Smart platform for payment, third party, value-added, & business tools

Secure Payments

  • EMV Contact & Contactless
  • Accept credit, debit, EBT, cards & QR codes on one device
  • Loyalty, rewards, and mobile payments

You work hard, so we make paying easy.


TSYS now offers a complete line of AMP Android and Linux POS solutions, from countertop and pay at the table to Smart weatherproof unattended, all backed up by an entire suite of intuitive and enterprise-ready tools. The entire suite is available through The Phoenix Group Canada and POS Portal

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