AMP Mobile Payment System – AMPS

The AMP Mobile Payment System (AMPS) is a payment solution between registered customers. AMPS is a highly connective solution, making use of all types of cell phone communication systems, such as internet/GPRS, WIFI, USSD, and SMS. The system supports card present and non-card present transactions, along with magnetic cards, Mag + PIN, mobile wallet, chip + PIN, and contactless transactions.Value-added services are easily deployed, with built in handling of loyalty programs and vouchers along with an integrated marketing system for merchants. AMPS utilizes new or existing POS systems and internet connection to give a more full-featured service to customers and better integration to current payment services in the client environment.

AMPS extended features:

  • Register multiple credit/debit cards per cell phone
  • Closed loop or standard payment transactions
  • Supports card present and card not present transactions
  • Supports Chip + PIN, Magstripe, and Magstripe + PIN transactions
  • Multi-platform mobile OS support
  • Supports spending power limit per cell phone
  • Transaction restriction per cell phone
  • Device management
  • Block and unblock card or cell phone
  • Different security protocols based on each channel
  • Notification and multi-device notification
  • Supports Micro payment, Top UP, Transfer, Remittance, Micro purchase, Tap &Go, and more
  • Fully integrated with loyalty and voucher systems
  • Supports multi-institute
  • Wide range of transactions
  • Supports POS, NFC devices and a bank integration channel
  • Internet and e-commerce transaction API
  • Supports USSD transactions with Push
  • Functionality for any confirmation
  • Different apps to serve merchant and consumer