PortaPay – Mobile Payment

Transform your hand-held smart device into a secure mobile payment processing terminal easily, using the AMP PortaPay line of solutions. Take your business wherever you go, and enjoy the flexibility of high security, high speed transactions to reach your maximum speed of service.

Reduce cost and streamline efficiency by moving checkout operations onto mobile platforms, whether in-store or at an external location, be ready to accept the payment solutions that customers desire.


Increased security minimizes fraud and therefore reduces the cost of operating the payment system. Another benefit is the increase in consumer and merchant confidence that helps boost usage and trust in the integrity of the payment network. There are three main security elements that ensure the integrity of the PortaPay system:

  1. Authentication – Allows the payment provider, the issuer, to verify that the person using the payment product is an authorized user.
  2. Confidentiality – Ensures that unauthorized parties do not have access to sensitive payment data that might later be used for fraudulent purposes.
  3. Data Integrity – Ensures that payment data is not altered after the user agrees to the terms of the transaction.