Two Screens, One Interaction.

More than ever, we’re aware of how meaningful face-to-face transactions are. The Bridge’s dual-display means both merchants and customers can enjoy a seamless, modern point of sale.

Put merchants in control with a 15” touch display.

Delight customers with a beautiful 10” touch display.

Offer merchants everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

Premium Design

Compliment your merchant’s setup with the Bridge’s modern, premium midnight aluminum case.

Designed to Delight

The Bridge has been designed with comfort and usability. Stunning merchant and customer screens showcase your POS software of choice.

Semi-integrated Solution

Easily couple the Bridge with any payment device and elevate your merchant-customer interaction.

Built for Sustainability

Every aspect of the Bridge, from it’s internal materials to the high quality packaging it arrives in, is designed with sustainability in mind.

Easily integrate your POS software, or try out one of our partners!

A multi-channel POS for your business

A cloud based POS system and eCommerce solution, the perfect system to grow your business & customer base.

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The Platform for Connected Commerce

Vivid provides the tools and technology you need to run your business in tomorrow’s world.

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Smart & Portable

Maximize your point of sale capabilities with the smart & secure AMP 8200.

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Little Printer, Big Punch

The AMP Compact Printer provides convenient desktop printing to suit any merchant.

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