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It was great to meet you at  Seamless 2024 , are you ready to see what you can do with AMP?

Meet the Smart ecosystem to power-up your payments

A better payment experience

for any type of customer

In-Person Payments

Offer secure card payments, dual-pricing, surcharging, on sleek Android devices

Complete Point of Sale

A family of Smart POS registers designed for any vertical, only from AMP

Self-Service Unattended

A robust, weatherproof Android solution built to power the next generation of self-service applications.

Payment solutions for any type of business

  • Easy to use, highly certified and flexible payment platform
  • Pay anywhere: on device, tap-to-phone, or online
  • Paperless receipts via cloud and email
  • Easy integration to help build your next brilliant idea
  • Single cloud platform to manage your entire ecosystem
  • ⚡️ Rapid config: Templates, Terminals, & Deployment

A Plug & Play Ecosystem for Smarter Payments

Delightful Devices

Android EMV to delight and engage any customer, anywhere


Secure, direct-certified transactions with rich features & integration

AMP 360

A single cloud experience to manage and monitor everything AMP

Remote Key Injection

Hassle-free deployment and terminal security, on any device

AMP Smart Platform

Smooth onboarding, remote control, and advanced diagnostics on any device

Rapid Integration

Build your brilliant payment idea with the AMP connect platform

Build your perfect payment solution with AMP

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