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Frequently Asked Questions

About AMP

Hardware FAQs

Software FAQs

Payment Types



About AMP

What does AMP do?

We design innovative solutions to increase transaction security and improve the payment experience. Our wide range of POS solutions are all intuitive and highly secure, so the focus stays on what’s important to your business.

Where is AMP located?

We are a Canadian company with a global reach, and our head office is in Toronto, Canada. Our USA office is located in Newport Beach, CA.

Payment Types

What payment methods are accepted by AMP devices?

AMP devices accept an array of payment methods including, but not limited to: Chip & PIN, Magstripe, NFC contactless, and QR codes. To see a full list of accepted payment methods, please refer to the corresponding device’s data sheet.

Do AMP terminals accept EMV transactions?

Yes! All our terminals are EMV certified. Explore our device data sheets to learn more about each device’s certifications.

What card brands are supported?

We support MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB and Interac.

Are your terminals PCI certified?

Yes, they are! All AMP terminals are PCI certified. Explore our device data sheets to learn more about each device’s certifications.

Which payments processors are you certified with?

Our fully secure terminals are certified with TSYS and First Data within the United States. For regional processors, please contact a sales representative for more information at

Hardware FAQs

What makes an AMP terminal unique?

AMP terminals combine payments with smart features, offering an immersive and unparalleled experience on both sides of the counter. AMP devices are designed to make your business run smoothly, anytime and anywhere.

Who do I contact for support, and are they available 24 hours?

Our support team is available for help 24 hours a day, and can be reached through 1-866-AMP-USA1. You can also contact support here.

Software FAQs

Do you support third-party apps?

Our Android devices support third-party apps, accessible through the AMP Marketplace.

Do you have a terminal management system?

Our seamless cloud platform handles every aspect of secure estate management, from devices and downloads to third=party apps and value-added customer experience services. For more information, contact sales to request a demo.

Do you support remote key injection?

Yes, we fully support remote key injection with our secure and time-saving AMP Key Injection System. To learn more about AKIS and its benefits, please refer to our Ecosystem page, or download the AKIS data sheet here.

What communication methods are available on AMP devices?

AMP devices are equipped with a variety of full range connectivity, including, but not limited to: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/USB/LAN rS232. To learn more about device specific connectivity, please refer to their respective data sheet, which can be found on our device pages.


I’m interested in a demo device, how do I get one?

AMP does provide demo devices for trial purposes. Please contact a sales representative here.

Do you have any reseller or distribution partners?

We have multiple collaborative distribution locations according to region. Please refer to our distribution partner list here for more information.


How long is the average battery life of a wireless AMP terminal?

The average battery life of our wireless devices lasts at minimum a full business day, offering you the flexibility to meet any usage demands.

What size of thermal paper do AMP devices use?

The thermal paper measures 2 ¼ x 50cm for all AMP devices, and is available at any major office supply store (e.g Staples/Office Max/Amazon) making replacement quick and simple.

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