AMP announces partnership with vPromos

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NEWPORT BEACH, California, May 31, 2019 – Advanced Mobile Payment Inc. (AMP), the makers of innovative smart terminals and payments solutions, has partnered with vPromos, who provide a turnkey loyalty engagement platform that empowers merchants with a powerful card-linked rewards offering integrated with the payment flow, directly on AMP terminals. vPromos is using the AMP 8000 and 8200 smart terminals as their leading Android solution, leveraging this platform to help merchants drive repeat visits and sales without increasing friction or overhead.

Through this partnership, merchants will have access to a powerful range of loyalty-specific solutions, from program enrollment at the point-of-purchase to card linking that eliminates the need for extraneous loyalty cards, all supported by AMP’s line of full-featured smart terminals. Customer engagement relies on simplicity and ease-of-use, which is exactly what the new solutions deliver through low friction sign up and redemption paired with features such as targeted offerings based on a customer’s previous purchasing habits.

“With the rapid pace of fintech innovation today, CMOs and SMB’s are recognizing that payment terminals combined with terminal integrated card-linking technologies are the perfect loyalty engagement devices,” states Jeff Mankoff, vPromos’ founder and CEO. “Conventional, manually tracked loyalty can be hard for customers and merchants alike. We designed the system so that when the shopper pays with an enrolled credit card, the card linking tracks loyalty points earned and redeems rewards, automatically. We also knew that we had to make it easy to enroll and agree to terms right at the terminal, and that is what the system does.”, explains Mr. Mankoff.

“AMP’s commitment to combining memorable and low-friction customer experiences with cutting edge smart devices made this partnership a natural fit. Together, we will be able to deliver a truly integrated solution that will allow merchants to engage customers and provide them with better experiences, directly on our smart payment devices. At AMP, we are always looking to work with expert partners to deliver new and exciting products into the market, and our solution with vPromos is a great example of that collaborative effort.”, said Robert Downton, AMP’s VP of Sales for North America.

About AMP
Advanced Mobile Payment Inc. (AMP) is a global provider of complete payment solutions and POS products built around usability, security, and smart integration options. Equipped with the latest certifications and able to integrate with any platform, AMP delivers tools designed to keep transactions secure and improve the payment experience. Their focus is working with partners to develop targeted solutions that deliver maximum value to the end user, aiming to empower others with their tools, rather than box them in with inflexible off-the-shelf products. From creating smart payment devices to designing entire solutions, AMP work collaboratively to solve customer’s unique payment challenges.

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About vPromos
vPromos combines the power of payments, card-linking loyalty and promotions, and mobile marketing to help companies easily enroll, engage, know and reward customers, driving repeat visits and new sales. vPromos’ patented card-linking solution, vLoyalty, allows customers to pay with their credit or debit card, meaning that card becomes their loyalty card, and the in-store terminals become the merchant’s loyalty tracking system. Earning points and redeeming rewards and offers is as easy as paying with the card already in the customer’s wallet. vPromos powers loyalty and customer engagement with simplicity and expertise for thousands of North American retail locations, keeping millions of consumers coming back over and over again. Founded in 2009, the company is privately held and headquartered in Dallas, Texas

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