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Enroll & Pay x AMP – Card-linked loyalty integration comes to AMP Cloud

By September 8, 2022April 17th, 2024No Comments

Advanced Mobile Payments Inc. and Enroll & Pay have successfully completed an integration to bring card-linked loyalty to AMP Cloud.   

Huntington Beach, Ca.   Sept 7, 2022 – Today at WSAA Enroll & Pay announced a partnership to bring cloud-based loyalty technology to AMP’s cloud based Smart Platform. 

The collaboration will allow merchants to leverage the (San Diego, Ca. based) Enroll & Pay application to increase loyalty enrollment and customer engagement via card-linking on AMP’s terminals.  CEO Brian Booth stated, “The key to customer conversion is via integrated credit card payments”. “We improve the customer experience by reducing friction and providing personalized, targeted messaging which collectively yields proven higher top line sales for our merchant partners”. 

The capabilities provide for digital receipts, real-time redemptions, line-item data acquisition, Artificial Intelligence, a card linked offer engine, analytics dashboard as well as bitcoin rewards coming later this year. 

Enroll & Pay is joining AMP at WSAA in Huntington Beach on September 7-8 to showcase the partnership.


About Enroll & Pay 

Enroll & Pay is a card linked loyalty application integrated with the POS terminal at brick-and-mortar merchants.  A customer easily enrolls (linking their card & opting in) and pays with a single tap during a credit card payment with a merchant.  All future card payments are seamlessly tracked and rewarded.  Simplicity for both consumer and merchant is what differentiates Enroll & Pay from other loyalty programs.  Additionally, Enroll & Pay’s CRM tools can automatically send relevant offers to customers based on their spending history to increase performance and referrals.  Greater conversion combined with data driven messaging leads to  increased customer spend.