‘Transit unicorn’ allows Up Express to accept contact and contactless payments on-the-go


Transit agencies around the world want devices to make travel easier for customers, but they have struggled to develop payment solutions that satisfy modern compliance requirements. Now Toronto has introduced a game-changer. Bytemark and Advanced Mobile Payment, Inc. (AMP), have partnered to create an EMV Level 3 certified solution that accepts both contact and contactless payments, offering a secure and convenient transportation ticketing option.

Ontario transit agency Metrolinx recently began using AMP’s 8200 EMV for the Union Pearson Express, which transports 4 million riders annually between the Toronto airport and the city. It marks the first time this smart terminal has been deployed for transit purposes. The 8200 EMV is PCI and PA-DSS compliant.

The Android-based device allows travelers to avoid lines at ticket counters by instead purchasing tickets from mobile agents located in common areas, on platforms, and even inside transit cars en route to their destination.

The terminal is the product of a partnership between Bytemark, a transit payment provider that has upgraded fare collection systems for dozens of agencies, and AMP, a provider of innovative smart terminals and payments solutions.

The collaboration combines Bytemark’s validation application with AMP’s handheld payment device, allowing for all-in-one rapid sales, ticket scanning, and receipt printing, no external printer required.

“AMP has created a one-of-its-kind solution for the transit vertical. It has been so exciting working with them to bring this long-sought solution to market,” said Vishal Arora, Vice President of Technology & Operations at Bytemark. “This new system is a great way to get people moving to their destinations faster. Now that the 8200 EMV smart terminal is up and running, the process is a lot more flexible for travelers.”

The Metrolinx deployment marks new territory for AMP. The company has previously provided solutions to the retail and hospitality industries.

“Transit is an exciting use case for our smart platform, and we are happy to offer a solution that combines Bytemark’s purpose-built software and leverages our technology to deliver a better transportation experience for Metrolinx customers and workers alike,” said Robert Downton, AMP’s VP of Sales for North America.